Question Asus Zenbook won't turn off properly

Mar 13, 2021

I have an Asus Zenbook UX410UQK, Windows 10 64-bit.
It will not turn off properly - I click Shut Down, the screen goes black but I can still hear the fan blowing. I have to manually shut it off by pressing the Power Button for 5 seconds.
Also, on boot it takes more than 30 seconds to load.
I tried reinstalling Windows but still the same issue. I suspect the BIOS, it is the latest version though.
Any ideas?
There are many, many issues than can cause shutdown issues. I suggest you search on windows shutdown problem and try those suggestions.

I've usually cured startup problems by reinstalling Windows. Did you do a "clean" install or just a refresh? I actually prefer to use the Windows installer downloaded from Microsoft. This also gets rid of all the crapware. Lot of work, however. BTW, did you look at the Startup tab in Task Manager? You may see some startup items you can turn off.