Audio help for computer and TV settings


Feb 23, 2015
Im not a tech geek so i'll try to make this make as much sense as i can.

I have my TV hooked up to my computer using HDMI. The audio and video plays just fine.

My question is. I have a PC monitor i use for my computer. I also have my TV hooked up to my PC through HDMI. How do i get audio to play through my external speakers that are hooked up to my PC. while having the audio playing on my TV.

Heres the tricky part. I use my TV so my son can watch movies and cartoons i have on my computer also from netflix. So i was wondering if there was a way to get audio from my external speakers. Audio thats not coming from whatever hes watching. So like he could be watching a cartoon and i could be playing a online game and the only audio coming from my external speakers that are hooked up to my PC is from the video game. while he can hear his shows from the tv speakers.

My audio options in the Volume mixer are 47LD500-C (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) and option is Speakers (VIA High Definition Audio) also im runing Windows 7 OS

Hope that made enough sense
Windows built in volume mixer wont have the option but your audio chips specific control panel might have a setting to use both.

Otherwise you would need to find an hdmi adapter that will extract the audio and convert it to analog but still allow the digital audio stream to go to the HT system
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