How To Automated PowerShell HEVC-Video-Converter

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Mar 23, 2020
Hello, everybody,
Recently I wanted to convert my whole media library of my own videos into the new x265 format. So I googled for ready solutions but found nothing.

Then I came across the following thread:

I found the requirements of "velocityg4" very exciting and without further ado I developed something myself. The requirements were:

  • x265 MKV output of course
  • GPU Hardware Acceleration NVIDIA/CUDA
  • Constant Quality/Variable Bit Rate settings. (I don't want to waste space with a set Bit rate)
  • Maintain original aspect ratio
  • Maintain original FPS
  • Maintain original resolution
  • batch processing
  • Subtitle pass-through
  • Windows 10 Support

Nice to have
- audio pass-through

I will now share my work with you, if any of you also have finite plans.

Link to the Git-repository:

Greetings Deepwather
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