Solved! AV Input on Hisense TV?

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Dec 6, 2019
I have a new Hisense TV (Model 40H5590F) and want to connect a Toshiba DVD/VHS player to it, but there is no AV listing when I press input on the Hisense TV. How can I make this connection?


When I choose composite, it says "no composite found' and there seems to be no way to rename it. I'm using HDMI I so that I can connect to Fios.
If the DVD player is connected to the HDMI port, then you select one of those from the input options. Or are you talking about your cable box connection? How the FIOS box is connected does not matter here. I don't see a port list for that TV, and you did not list the DVD player model and what types of connections it has. Since you have a new TV, may be a good idea to get a DVD/Bluray player with HDMI to use with it.
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