Ballmer Ordered to Give Deposition in Vista Capable Suit

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computer says "vista capable"
does the computer run the vista kernel?(even if it is the most basic version)
if "yes" then, case closed so STFU!
whats the big deal?
this is an issue of people wanting the best of something for free....
happens in body shops all the time people want their car painted for less then what it costs for the paint never mind the labor to do it.
they know that when they go looking for the cheapest computer that it might not be the one with the most features PLAIN AND SIMPLE

as several people have stated before if you want something (eg. aero) you would want to look up that information before hand

you cannot blame others for your own stupidity
the whole premise on the lawsuit is flawed.... you get sold a "vista capable" laptop with windows vista basic pre-installed and running on it..... either the sales man lied to you (in which case this is a very valid claim but take it up with the guy that sold it to you)
or you just want fists full of cash without working you ass off like the rest of the world

sorry for the rant.... idiots make me angry
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