Battery Dell XPS M1330 compatible no reconnue

Feb 11, 2019

Can not find a battery Dell, I bought a battery as compatible with my Dell XPS M1330
It is not recognizable .... I searched and saw a lot of post on the internet indicating that, in fact, it was a regular problem: the Dell battery only recognizes Dell ... and therefore any known battery compatible does not work! Maybe you have an idea ...
In fact, they cover only when the battery is not working, it works, but not charged ...

What can I do except throw the battery is empty? Is there a solution for my computer that supports charging. It does not recognize it (no battery) and then shows a wrong time (and mention not supported)?
I contacted the Dell service parts. This can not be one. My Dell was only 2 years old and working perfectly. I want to change a battery
I learned some sites selling batteries, it looks