Battery problem on MSI GT70 Dominator 895


Jan 28, 2013
Good day to you,

I bought this MSI GT70 laptop about a year and a half ago. It has been working 100% and it's been a pleasure using it, something what I didn't expect when I first bought it but lately it has had some problems connected to it's battery.

First of all, battery life has diminished quite a bit but that's something to be expected. During the last couple of days this problem has occurred; The laptop shuts down and tells me that battery is out of juice the moment I disconnect it from the power source. If I reconnect it and load up the windows it actually tells me that the battery is drained to 0% even if the laptop showed that it was 100% charged before unplugging. Here's the deal though, if I turn laptop off while it's connected to the power source (shut it down), then disconnect and afterwards boot it up, it works fine. The battery is charged and working. The moment I connect the charger battery sign shows this red mark and kinda tells me that it's drained or something.

I tried disconnecting the battery and then putting it back in but nothing changed. I thought of changing the battery but it seems to be working. The problem is in the state which laptop is in. If it's connected to PSU the moment I unplug, it shuts down and won't turn on. The battery appears to be literally drained.

Any ideas what to do? The laptop is pretty heavy and it's not easy transporting it around the house anyway and if I have to turn it off and then turn it on every time I want to move from desk to bed or sofa or anywhere it becomes huge pain in the arse.

CPU: i7-4700MQ
GPU: Nvidia GTX870m
RAM: 8GB 1600Mhz
OS: Windows 10

Bought laptop on XoticPC.
The guarantee is out.


The battery calibration program, which is in every MSI laptop, is not working the start button is greyed out. No matter what I do.

Thank you very much. And sorry for long post.



Oct 24, 2015
I would contact the manufacturer and/or get a replacement battery.

My RoG laptop had a similar problem and a new battery and I was back in business.
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