BeoPlay A9 vs. Geneva Model XL Wireless


Nov 10, 2013
Hi all
I have been looking for a single-unit speaker that I can use to fill my apartment with sound. I am willing to pay a premium for aesthetics and design. These two models seem to stand out of the crowd so if anybody could tell me about how they stack up against each other, I would really appreciate it. If you could, you could possibly include the BeoPlay A8 or the Geneva Lab Model L Wireless in the comparisons. I am especially interested in the "party"/room-filling factor and the low-end output as I plan to use these for dance music parties, etc. Thanks
Of the two you list the Geneva being larger will probably work better. The B&O will reduce the bass as the volume goes up so for party sound that does not work. I doubt either would be a good solution for your application as this type of speaker is for background or low volume listening not big room dance sound. Try to find a 2.1 channel speaker system that looks right to you.