Best ~€450 laptop


Aug 11, 2011
Hello. I am looking for a laptop for my aunt to give as a gift to my cousin, does anyone have any decent recommendations for me? He will probably be using this for facebook, websurfing and school work. He is 15 and he does play games, but nothing too graphically taxing; mostly Civilization 5 and Victoria 2 and the sort.

I will return with more details, needed battery life, screen size preferences, screen resolution etc.
I come from the Republic of Ireland, we use Euro, but if you are from the United Kingdom, Canada or the USA etc. here are some exchange rates:

€450 = us$592.286, £365.99, cad$583.9871

Here are some of the laptops I've been sent to have a look: - €399 - €449 - €449

Thanks for your time taken to read this and have a delightful day.