Best antivirus or security for free at all devices.


Apr 29, 2017
Best antivirus for free and secure
1# ( kaspersky) are best because they will ginving more security that you buy in any other security.
2#( avast ) are giving only free antivirus. No more.
3# (Avira) are giving full security in the web browser (chrome , firefox etc.)
So you choose your best security.

Phillip Corcoran

You missed one:

Comodo Internet Security - - the best free one by a country mile -- in fact it's one of the few truly comprehensive online security packages that doesn't cost anything.

I've been using it for 6 years, no virus infections, no malware of any kind, no browser hijacks, PC never been hacked.


Mar 3, 2017
Not sure what you mean by "only giving away free antivirus, no more" :) So I wanted to clear that up a bit.

We do have free versions of both Avast and AVG -- keep in mind they are not just traditional AV, but have powerful technology (AI, machine learning, and so on) to help defend against malware, ransomware, even threats that have never been seen.

Also, we do have premium options as well -- not just free! So if you want to upgrade for additional features built in, e.g. firewall, anti-spam, etc. then that is available. Here's a comparison:

The Paladin

interesting to know/see AVAST and AVG is the same company...

I have used many antivirus through the ages of computers, from MacAfee 1.0 to Avast, including horrible "takeover software that want to build a box out of your pc such as MacAfee Internet protection and Norton Internet Solutions. and I can tell you this, the More your Antivirus does. the less your controlling your system... Avast and AVG aren't bad in that regard as you can go to utils and turn off and uninstall all the numerous things they want to perform and insight you to "pay for". I personally use Defender on Win 10, with ADWCleaner, and since 1982 I have only had 1 or 2 viral infections and those date back to the 90's and was from a friend floppy disk.

so when someone "states" Best antivirus... I would like to see charts of procedures, how the test was conducted, how do they know the AV has caught infections, and resolutions to them, PC mag used to do this yearly, was a whole magazine as I recall, now its on the web, and last 3 I read, their " best" was more about gadgetry the software had or was doing and how much it took ram space than actual " we infected this system with the following battery of viral, malware infections to see if the software detected/prevented infection."

Stating " this is the best" isn't impressive anymore... unless you can show it side by side in a study... which.. most do not do anymore.


MS has put a lot of resources as of late into improving windows defender. There were patches released in March that close the security threat of the WannaCry ransomware that has effected so many. We had a Microsoft SCCM expert in at our business last week to go over our SCCM environment, specifically for that reason. For home use, I still go with Avast for it's track record.
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