Best free antivirus program


Aug 30, 2016
What's the best antivirus for free? Are free antiviruses actually any good? Should I download avast or something else?
Thank You.
Historically I used AVG, but their popups started to get quite annoying for me.

Currently, I use a combination of AVIRA & Malwarebytes.
AVIRA took a little getting used to, as it adds a (very small) dropdown option inside your browser windows, giving you real-time warnings etc.

I started using AVIRA after seeing it included (and topping some) in a variety of lists 12 months, including Tom'sGuide:,review-2588-5.html

I feel my browsing/download habits are pretty reflective of somewhere in the 'normal' to 'advanced' user - essentially, I don't follow sketchy links, and don't download clearly questionable files (if I can avoid it!), so I may not have put it through all the required paces for other users.