Best laptop for 600$?


Jun 19, 2014
My parents have recently offered to purchase a laptop for my studies. They gave me a 600$ USD budget (excluding shipping and applicable taxes) which can be stretched a bit, but at my own expense. I would like it to have at least an i5 and a dedicated GPU for some occasional gaming, video editing and Photoshop. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Thanks in advance!
16GB of RAM won't really improve performance that much and it's rather excessive for a laptop for games. I would simply upgrade to a total of 8GB; it does not increase performance much but some games may give you low memory errors with only 4GB of RAM. Does not happen often but it can happen depending on the game.
I didn't realize I made a typo in my 1st post.

The laptops does come with 8GB RAM, not 4GB as I originally stated. Looking further into the specs the laptop has two 4GB sticks of RAM installed because the specs states there are two RAM slots but no free RAM slots available. That means if you want 16GB of RAM installed for Photoshop, then you need to buy two sticks of 8GB RAM for a total of 16GB.