Solved! Best Laptop for Battery Life, light weight and less bugs

Jan 19, 2019
I am a physics major graduate students who will be working with Python or maybe Visual basics. I really have a bad experience on my old laptop Vostro 3300 Dell which its battery died just after a year! If I want to spend 2k$ USD for a laptop, I wanna buy something which has the LONGEST BATTERY LIFE. Also, not having bugs is so crucial for me. The other preference is having a good keyboard and not having glass like screenwhich reflects everything! The laptop should have these details:

1-Core i7
3-minimum 512 GB RAM

Carbon X1:

    The keyboard and the whole laptop gets dirty
    The worst fingerprint
    little Pad
    It has glass like screen


    It is lenovo!

Macbook Pro 13"

    1- It seems that if the motherboard destroyed, all you data would disappear

    2- I am not sure the battery life would decrease because it is core i7 compared to core i5.

    3- glass like screen

    4- Clicky and crunchy keyboard!


    OS reportedly has less bugs than windows.

Other options:
Hp spectra

help me
I really need a help
Thank you

    Only the Thinkpads with touchscreens are glossy. The non-touchscreens are matte (and get better battery life anyway).

    As for preserving the battery, don't charge it to 100%, and don't discharge it to 0%. Those are what degrades battery capacity over time. (So does heat, but you can't really control that.)

    The Thinkpads have a utility in the Lenovo Toolbox which lets you set the max charge % and when it begins recharging after hitting that max. For example, I have my Thinkpad X1 Extreme set to stop charging at 80%. It will charge up to 80%, then no further battery charging. I set the lower recharge limit at 70%, so it won't charge again until the battery drops below 70%.

    I know some other companies offer similar software, but I haven't bought a non-Thinkpad in a while so can't say who has what. (I stick with the Thinkpads because they have the best keyboards in the business, bar none.)


Jan 17, 2019

    All laptops now offer this feature now by default either through the BIOS or through a utility so over charging is not really a concern nowadays like it was in the past. In fact, I keep my laptop plugged in all the time and the battery health never deteriorated as I check with a program called BatteryInfoView

    This is how this feature works on my MSI laptop:

    I did nothing in the BIOS it's activated by default
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