Dec 25, 2012
Hello everyone. :hello:

I need a laptop under $5OO that can :D .

1. Run current ( or 2 year old games ) on medium or EVEN LOW settings.
2. That can run it smoothly even though it has its graphics settings turned to medium or low.
3. I wanted to run TF2, CS:Source, CS:GO and other Valve Products ( These are great games )
4. If possible, minecraft.
5. If possible second-hand laptops. It can be any.

I don't care if the graphics isn't in the highest setting possible. I care about games not graphics.
Please don't give me links about Bestbuy, Walmart and other retailers that are in US. I'm in Canada.
If I can run TF2, I can possibly run F2P FPS and MMO games.
This site is the only place where I can ask this. I trust you guys, you're experts on this.
Thanks in advance. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


Jul 5, 2012
Get this laptop. It should suit your needs fine.

It is a newer processor than the one posted above, the GPU is about the same, but it has less RAM. Considering it is new, and has a better screen resolution, I would definitely go with this one. The one above does have its strong points, but you won't get as much power from the CPU as this one. Also, the one above may not be manufacturer refurbished, and even if it is, not so sure about HP's care in refurbishing. But with your budget, you will be able to afford the one above, and if RAM, sound quality, and more HDD size matter to you, then you should get that one.

If you can spend $50 more, then get this laptop. It will outperform both of these.

Hope I helped!


Dec 9, 2012
Within that budget Samsung Series 5 NP500P4C as suggested by Lunatasian is good but it comes with a 14 inch screen. If you want a better screen for gaming then I would suggest you to buy Acer Aspire V3-571G

It got
3rd Generation Intel Core i5 Processor
1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT630M dedicated graphics
15.6 inch LED-backlit widescreen display
4GB DDR3 Memory
500GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
Windows 8
USB 3.0 Port and 1 HDMI Port

The best feature of this laptop is that it got 3rd gen core i5 laptop with 1 GB DDR3 graphics which will be very helpful for running any software or any latest game without lag, plus it got 2 usb 2.0 ports, usb 3.0 port and hdmi port. And the best part you can buy this for just $529.

NVIDIA GeForce GT630M 1GB dedicated graphics is capable of providing 30+fps for many latest games.

OR if you want a cheaper option then go for Acer V3 which got AMD A8 quadcore processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 512MB AMD Radeon HD 7640G Graphics for just $439.