Best laptop I can get for around $250? ***Please help, I am buying it within 3 days!***


Aug 17, 2013
Last week, I decided I was going to get a laptop for school, and personal use. I bought the Asus X551MAV-RCLN06 new at BestBuy for $229.99 (plus $15 tax). After a day of using it, I got disappointed with the speed of the computer. It was very slow (still is). I made the horrible mistake of just looking at the specs and not the performance. Its processor is the N2830, or a tablet SoC: it only got 1,018 points on cpubenchmark. It annoys me so badly that I made the mistake what I am always telling people to not do.

A few days ago, I decided I would return it and get my money back, to buy something better. The next step up, would be something like the Asus X551CA with a Celeron 1007u, or the Dell i15rv with a Celeron 2955u. Both processors only scoring about 1,500, I figured they would be fine for the price. But, these are just new laptops. It seems that these two are still going to be somewhat slow. so I also found a refurbished Lenovo G505 on their website for $226 (no tax). It has a A4-5000 1.5GHz Quad Core; and scored 1,900

I'd like the laptop to last me for about 4 years. But at least 2.5 years.

What do you think a good choice would be, will this refurbished laptop last long enough, and are there any laptops better than these, for around $250?

Thank you very much (in advance).


Apr 2, 2014
What usage are you looking at? Some of the Chromebook perform pretty well but will be limited in what you can do unless you want to install Linux on it. I have the Acer C720 with the Intel Celeron 2955U which does quite well.

Jacob McIntosh

Aug 24, 2013

If you're worried about the hassle of learning a new OS, there isn't one on the Chromebook. I found all the tricks within an hour of using one. And "all the tricks" is an exaggeration, you can swipe left and right with 3 fingers to change tabs, and up and down with 2 fingers to move the webpage up and down. And Alt+search to turn on and off Caps Lock. And that's everything.


I don't know if they still sell this netbook but its a samsung one which has an atom processor and it lasted me a long time. I forgot the model number unfortunately. They may be a good start if you want a laptop that works for a long time. I was able to get a lot of performance with it even though I was running win 7 at the time I had it. And by a lot of performance I mean playing low end games like shayia which is quite intensive for a netbook. Apart from that I can't really think of a better deal.
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