Best of Computex 2014: Tom's Guide Awards

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Jun 13, 2008
I like how the MSI GT72 has a 220w AC adapter versus 180 watts with the GT60 and GT70, with Optimus to suck power from the battery if 180w wasn't enough. It was a cheap move but I guess they got smart and upped the wattage closer to 240w.

Are there speakers in the back now (the orange on the edges) or is that cosmetic?

BIOS overclocking options hopefully though Intel XTU does the job and the laptop should support extreme processors, whereas the Asus G750 does not.

The GT72 has dual fans instead of a single powerful 12V fan that moves 25CFM. I wonder if both fans are 12V or if they've dialed back the CFM and gone to 5V fans?

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