Best PC gaming mic on a budget?


May 16, 2014
Hey guys,
I am looking for a gaming headset and mic, but mostly the mic.
I currently have the Audio Technica Ath-m50's which I use for gaming since my turtle beaches broke.

I use the Steinberg UR22 audio interface for my headphones.
I was wondering if there is gaming headset or just mic that you recommend for not just gaming but skype calls, podcast recording etc.
My budget is something less than $70 CAD. Thanks for your advice and inputs.


Apr 20, 2004
If you have headphones and need just a mic there are 3 options. The Samson C01U is in the $70 range and is a very good desktop mic. The Blue Snowball is also in the $70 range. A desktop mic also gives the option of mounting it in a boom with a shockmount for an extra $50 or so. When not using the mic swing it out of the way and you have headphones for music and movies.

For a clip on headset style mic the modmic is great and is also in the $70 range.

All 3 mics are about $70 or a bit less.

I prefer a desktop USB mic so that it's out of the way and not in your face. That allows me to steal my headphones for music, tv, etc.... I'd take the Samson over the blue snowball....although the snowball is still great. For a clip on headset style gaming mic the modmic is the best. If it's exclusively for gaming the modmic would work good.

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