Best Upgrade-able Gaming Laptop? 3 options picked out


Apr 9, 2016
Hi good morning, So I have 3 gaming laptops picked out and need help narrowing it down. The qualifications are as follows: (1) I need it to be powerful -the laptop must be dual SLI gtx980 capable (oh budget is $3k-3.6k[maybe 4k if it can be really justified] if anyone feels like taking some fun time to build and post a custom laptop in this price range). I currently have a 5 1/2 year old alienware m14x with a 550 graphics card that can barely play RomeTWII past medium; the laptop is really starting to age. This is unacceptable. I semi took a break from gaming and really want to feel a breath of fresh air with a powerful rig + a budget bigger than last time I made the purchase.
(2) It must be upgrade-able. Finding out that the graphics card is soldered onto the mother board and I'd have to buy and install a mirror motherboard that happens to have a better card was disappointing.

The three laptops I have picked out are: (1) MSI GT80S Titan SLI. This laptop looks cool and has rave reviews. However, I don't like that I can't purchase direct and would have to go to a second party to customize and order the laptop.
(2) A pumped up Sager NP9870-S. It's starting price is $2.8k but I would be pushing it way up to $3.6k with the dual 980 and other options. I can't find many reviews with this one configured tho.
(3.) Origin EON17-SLX. Looks excellent but has slightly less options on their website than Sager.

I really want the thing to be upgradable. All three have dual gtx980s so they have to be close in performance I imagine. But the 2nd thing is, despite doing more research than last time, I'm still kind of a noob with computers and was thinking of going to a local pc store to ask about details in configurations. Like what is the benifit of 2 M.2 SSD drives? Should they be the new model? What's up with Pascal? Will it require new laptop builds for installation? Or could it be incorporated into one of these two years down the road? How will having an SLI configuration affect my gpu upgrade options in the future? Will 2 980ms be able to handle VR despite being m models?
I'd love most any and all input thanks.

Edit: Also I'm assuming dual 980m's are VR capable. I know a 980 regular is recommended minimum