Best Way To Switch To new Cell w/o Data Loss

Jul 29, 2018
I have a bit of a memory issue due to an illness, so I've forgotten how to best switch to a new phone with my data intact.
I've done it plenty of times in the past, but after my injury I forgot the process. I'll type what I've backed up down below. Please let me know if I forgot anything, or if there's some app that helps (I know about smart switch, but I don't know if that'll cover all of it).

I have all my apps written down.
All passes saved.
Everything is saved on SD card.
Pics, text, contacts, all saved on SD & an external HDD for my PC.
I don't know how to, or if you can backup all your bookmarks from firefox, though.

Am I missing anything? I also need to help my not so tech mother with her new cell I'm buying her (hers is slow, has no SD card slot, & irritates her).
Anyway, I'd greatly appreciate any help, such as when I should switch the SIM sard over to the new one, such as after charging or before.

I'm sorry for the simple questions, everyone. I used to build my own computers, create sites, program, & more. I just lost a lot if my mental abilities, even words due to aphasia. I hate to bother others, so I apologize.



All you really need to do is sync your stuff to Google account. Google Photos will sync your pictures and videos, set the contact to your Gmail contacts in the drop-down list, app list is good but you can also get it from your Google account. When you logon to the new phone with your accounts it will go through the new phone setup and pull down your info. Also some phone brands and models have a utility to migrate phones. Whatever carrier you are using also should have help with migrating the devices.
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