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Mar 28, 2021
I would reconsider the recommendation of Hostwinds. They place limits on their shared plans that are reprehensible, and kill connectivity to your site when limits are exceeded. Operations as simple as wordpress updates tend to trigger their limits.

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Alex W.

Alex W.
Support Agent

Alex W. 11:57
Hey, Is there anything I can help you with today?
Anthony Weiss 11:57
my website is in an error state

Resource Limit Is Reached

The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.

Can this be explained?
Alex W. 11:58
You may have caped out a resource on your hosting plan. Just one moment while I investigate further into that for you. One of you sites may have peaked a few times either from a drastic increase in traffic, a plugin, or a configuration error.

I'll create a ticket to investigate further.

Thank you for your patience. I have filed a ticket for you so that your issue can be resolved in the most efficient way possible. Please reply to the ticket either in the client area here or through your email.
Anthony Weiss 12:02
where can I view the data in the screenshot you provided for myself?
Alex W. 12:02
Anthony Weiss 12:02
where can I pull that up?

in my dashboard
Alex W. 12:03
In your cpanel
Anthony Weiss 12:03
got it
Alex W. 12:03
Let me know if you have any further questions.
Anthony Weiss 12:04
what are the resource limits on my plan?
Alex W. 12:05
You can view them in your Cpanel to the right.
Anthony Weiss 12:06
Why is the entry process limit so low?
Alex W. 12:08
Because its our most cost effective plan ideally meant for static mom and pop sites
Anthony Weiss 12:09
That is not how it is advertised

I mean, it can't handle a simple wordpress site and a single security scan / update

There are no limits listed on the website
Alex W. 12:11
You are always welcome to send us your feedback about Hostwinds services and support by emailing our Senior Management team at
Anthony Weiss 12:12
what is the termination policy for return of unused funds, I feel like there was a bit of snake oil here
Alex W. 12:12
They would be refunded as account credit as a prorated refund.
Anthony Weiss 12:12
is that policy in writing somewhere?
Alex W. 12:13
Anthony Weiss 12:14
This policy sounds like you can only cancel within 72 hours of payments

which is it, I can cancel now for a refund of unused time, or I am out of luck?
Alex W. 12:16
I'm asking a manager now since this change is new.

We do as an Account credit. If they are a client that has been with us some time, we may show some lenience to the exact time, but typically it needs to be with 72 hours.

You have a triannual plan and have been here awhile so you should be fine.
Anthony Weiss 12:17
So, No refund, but an account credit.
Alex W. 12:17
Anthony Weiss 12:17
can that account credit be put towards the purchase price of another plan?
Alex W. 12:18
Yes, It would be able to be used for anything we sell. Ideally, you would cancel the service first then request the refund via billing ticket

We can provide you with a downloadable backup
Anthony Weiss 12:19
but if I cancel, I lose my website, looking to convert my current plan to something that isn't so anemic
Alex W. 12:20
We can't refund a service that you still are using. So at best we could provide you with a downloadable backup for another service and once the billing team approves your refund you would be able to get a higher tier service.
Anthony Weiss 12:23
Would a Business Basic have the same issues that I am experiencing on an advanced shared?
Alex W. 12:23
We offer this comparison article to elaborate on the exact differences between the two plans: Shared hosting: Entry Processes (10) I/O Usage (1 MB/s) Number Of Processes (15) Business hosting: Entry Processes (20) I/O Usage (4 MB/s) Number Of Processes (25)
Anthony Weiss 12:24
ok, this article indicates that there is an upgrade path to Buisness

Excessive Resource Suspension Yes, after five (5) warnings you will need to upgrade to Business None

How does that get arranged?
Alex W. 12:28
You would need to purchase the plan in question, migrate, cancel/refund the previous.

There isn't a real upgrade "path", you would moreso be forced to get a more ideal plan to prevent the constant resource issues.
Anthony Weiss 12:31
Can someone call me during the week to figure this out. this seems kind of backwards.

not sure if this is sales or tech, but there has to be a better answer here
Alex W. 12:31
We don't support phone services but if you email sales they would be able to guide you with ease.
Anthony Weiss 12:32
for the level of effort and cash I am going to outlay here, I am looking at the easier solution of just abandoning HostWinds and going to someone that is a bit more upfront about their capabilities
Alex W. 12:33
Understandable, you should do what is best for you. I'm just trying to offer solutions.
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May 3, 2021
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Well, as an experianced developer, its obvious Toms Guide -- are either affiliate sell outs, or anti-consumer.

PC Gamer does this, they push all the highest paying affiliate hosting (Which is crap and tons and tons of issues) to make money at the expense of their customers, business and reputations.

NONE of the hosts in that list are anywhere in a top position.

This is "opinion" based journalism, and its a fake review. Based on not experienced but an opinion driven by profits. Its actually shocking, to see not a single editor picks one acceptable host, besides siteground which is the only one on that list useable.

To place bluehost #1, is an admittance of pure corruption -- and your review corruption doesnt end with hosting -- it only shows that this isnt a credible site. Your editor, writer and whoever made this back door deal should seriously start considering putting the reader, honesty and customer service first.

Bluehost, which is in a lawsuit for locking and shutting down customer sites for "malware" is being sued and losing for this practice.Their historically the worst in speed, service and features. Recommending them only hurts the people who use them.

Hostinger has been caught endlessly for lying and spamming how amazing their service is, when it isnt according to real world data and testing.

Honestly, Tom's Guide, during a time when everyone is struggling -- why are you exploiting your customers for back end deals /affiliate profits?

Shame on you.

Advice, Retract the article, and hire someone to give you actual hosting advice to checkout. Stop the affiliate sellouts on hosting, since this harms businesses directly and is extremely damaging to companies who might already be struggling. You have a good enough readership that you should set an example for hosting reviews to follow -- not contiune the trend of massive review corruption.

Until then, Reviewsignal is the only real place to get acceptable feedback on hosting.
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