bios, ssd, lenovo y510p

Sep 20, 2018
Hi everyone.

I want to change my current SSD in my laptop Lenovo y510p. The reason for this I'll describe it as follows: I have my bios locked, it has password and I don't have it (Someone in my house did this). There is no other way but to send my laptop to Lenovo in order for to get the bios password cleared but before that I want to try something different. The bios is one problem but my 5 years old laptop has another problem. It takes waaaay to long to boot, up to 15 minutes and for what I have read this is a problem with the SSD (There is a similar case with this problem for this specific model in this forum I think). A friend of mine also had the same model as I do, he told me he changed the SDD because he was presenting the same problematic; slow boot and bad laptop performance. so he changed the SDD with a new one and his laptop was as good as new.

The questions that came up to my mind before changing the SSD are:
-Given that I dont have access to the BIOS, if I change the SDD with a new one, do I need to change the boot order in the bios or something? or if I plug it, can I choose where to boot from without access to the bios?
- Is there another way to plug in a new SSD with a fresh OS install?

PS: I know the best option for me is to send it to Lenovo, but to be Frank I dont expect to keep this laptop for long, I'll buy a new one soon (in a couple of months) but I would still like to use this lenovo y510p for a while before that.

Thanks for your help´in advance.