Blackscreen but led is on after change boot option


Feb 19, 2016
Hello, i have a problem with my laptop.
I buy a new ssd and hdd caddy to replace my optical drive to my hdd caddy.

I clone my hdd to ssd, after that i restart my laptop and goto bios, i set boot option to ssd and i save but when my laptop restart i cant even see asus logo on my laptop. All blackscreen. I'v tried everything from press f12 before laptop turn on and remove hdd and ssd then turn on, only hdd on my laptop and turn on but its same, still like a dead laptop but power is up, fan is spinning, led hdd just on but after 1/2 second the led goes off.

I remove the cmos battery and i leave it 30 minutes. I think its gonna reset my bios setting but when i turn on my laptop still a same problem.

i cant access everything.

My new ssd is sundisk ultra
My laptop is asus a46cb

I really need help guys.


Please do try these troubleshooting steps that may help in solving the issue.
- Start with a hard reboot, unplug it's AC adapter then press and hold the power button for 20 seconds then try booting it.
- If it doesn't work reseat the RAM, remove them all for couple of second then put them back in making sure everything is seated properly.
- Again if these doesn't work but you can hear the laptop on but with no display, connect an external monitor and see if it would display anything because if it does that means it's the built in display that is faulty.
- Next to try is if your AC adapter is still okay by trying another AC adapter that has the same voltage and see if it would work.
- Try also to remove the SSD and HDD off your laptop then boot it up and see if it will work or not.
- If all these will not work your last option would be to remove the CMOS battery then put it back in to reset BIOS.
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