Blue Screen Of Death Problem


Nov 3, 2016
I have a Toshiba satellite laptop and one day while I was playing League Of Legends mylaptop started making weird colours and striped everywhere then it stop and the screen turned black so I closed it and opened it again and the same thing happens a lot of times. One of the times it happened the computer shut down by its own and it showed a blue box that said "blue screen" and some other stuff that I didnt manage to read as the laptop shut down. The next day I tried to fix it so I searched in the internet for solutions the first thing I didwas System RRestore as the Microsoft website said to. After I did this mmy laptop continues making this weird colours even when I was not playing. Then it made some weird colours on the screen and it stuck I couldn't do anyting even the mouse was stuck so I ppresed the power button to shut it down after that wwhenever I boot my laptop the screen doesn't show anything eeven thought the fun is working and the power button is on also the "num lock" button light is on.
Tell me what to do ?? Can I fix it alone or I have to give it to an expert ???