Brand new gaming laptop acting weird

Nov 27, 2018
I've bought a brand new gaming laptop, Lenovo Legion Y530.
Specs are
Nvidia GeFroce GTX 1060 6GB
Intel core i7-8750H
256 GB SSD
8GB DDR4 ram
Windows 10 Home

The laptop have frozen completely like 2 times already, while I were just editing a picture with Gimp 2. The laptop has also frozen with a black screen however i can still move the mouse around, but still have to restart the laptop with the button. The last thing that happened was when I launched a game, and entered my character, the game shut down by itself, and when I tried to relaunch the game, the game wasn't installed anymore. I can still find all the game files though, but have to redownload and reinstall. I have played this game a few days before without any problems. But maybe this is a virus program problem? I'm running McAfee (trial version that came with the laptop)
There has also been other stuff happening.
Is this just software related or hardware? I'm thinking I should return the pc.