Bricked bios or GPU after CPU / Memory Upgrade on 2010 VAIO VPCL216FX AIO


Oct 17, 2012
Ok I upgraded the cpu from i7-2630qm to 2860qm and the ddr3 sodimm from 1333 to 1866 crucial. computer worked fine until I went into bios to checkout what settings are available for overclocking. Didn't change anything. exited and rebooted. Computer failed to boot and continually attempts to boot. Black screen nothing works. Reset the cmos battery a dozen times witch no success. What now?

Here are some specs: Windows 10 64bit Pro A1820666A 1P-010CJ02-8013 AKA- "Sony VIAO VPCL231FX 24" AIO Motherboard s989 pga988b sandy bridge . AMI Aptio NU65 Bios- nonremovable. NVIDIA Geforce 540m BGA.

There seem to be 3 different versions of this motherboard with different video cards all about $210; my vaio uses a 19.5v 7.7amp. If I had to replace the motherboard it would be nice to find one compatible with an nvida Quadro non bga card and my w2860qm....
Hoping someone can help me identify a cost effective solution.

Here is a youtube video of the problem.
Test it with the original RAM, test with the original CPU. Not worth fixing anything in that thing, you can get a newer system for not much more than a new motherboard.