Budget Gaming Laptop?

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Mar 19, 2012
Not too sure where to post this!!

I am looking for a laptop that's less than $800 that can run some PC games.

First, let me start by saying I am not looking into an expensive amazing laptop that is off the charts. This past spring/summer I built a desktop for my boyfriend so he could play all the games he wants. (I'm proud of it!!)

What I am looking for is a laptop that would be (mainly) used for basic things, but also has the specs that can decently run games.
I am interested to try to learn some PC games to play with my boyfriend, and since we can't be on the same computer, we need to get a second. My laptop just died.. so ideally I would like a laptop for the convenience.

The biggest dilemma I am having at the moment is with the CPUs. I went on and looked at system requirements for games like SC2 and Diablo III to get an idea, but when reading in some forums, a lot of people are claiming less powerful CPUs could run the games just fine. Right now he has been playing LOL, which isn't as demanding.. but I'm looking for a machine that could potentially support future games as well.

So, I guess what I am asking is :

-How important is CPU speed?
-Intel vs AMD?
-I know the GPU should have dedicated memory, is there a certain amount I should be looking for?
-Does anyone have an inexpensive laptop that they game on?

If anyone could help me, I would be very thankful!!!

Thanks in advance!


Jan 12, 2012

I agree!


Mar 19, 2012
Sorry for the lack of responding! I haven't been able to focus on research because of the craziness of life! Lol.


A lot of the computers mentions are currently unavailable. I started doing research again and came across:




Would either of these be decent with what I am looking for?

I appreciated all the responses about building another computer, that may be an option in the future, but right now it is not what I am looking into doing. I really want a laptop that is able to run the games. I am not expecting a desktop-like performance, I am fully aware there is no comparison! Lol.

Thanks again :)

Hi :)

NO and NO to those two...

I was serious about ADDING $1000 to your budget for a good GAMING laptop...to be honest, you SHOULD be adding $2000...

All the best Brett :)


Apr 5, 2012
This is all fine and dandy folks but she stated she just wants mediocre performance in some games that aren't that demanding to start with. This being said those two are definitely not great choices.. The graphics cards in them will struggle at even low settings in today's games. If you're willing to bump your price up a smidge here are a couple options.



They'll in no way be competitive with a desktop at a similar price point but you are aware of that.


Oct 29, 2012

/sigh this guy must be one of those guys that "needs" to game at 150fps...

$1800 would be an i7/7970m or 680m... which are downclocked desktop 7870 and desktop GTX 670s... you are clearly misinformed if you believe those will not game.

$2800 is an SLI setup with an X39xx-series i7... (and ALL the trimmings) The result is something that would embarrass most desktops.

I think we can easily say the above is clearly incorrect for the OP.

$800 is an i7 or i5 with a 640m 650m or possibly 660m.
Those three are underclocked desktop 650 or 640. We aren't talking godly, but should be fine at 720p or 1080p with some settings turned down.

Here's an example:

That's a Lenovo Y500 15" laptop for $799 with i7-3630QM, 650m, 8GB RAM, 720p screen, Windows 8, and 1TB 5400rpm hard disk.
The Y500 is Lenovo's newest laptop and has a very solid build.
Here's a review by a new owner (with pics)

According to notebookcheck.net, the 650m games at 720p with these settings/FPS.

Diablo 3 = Ultra at 41 FPS, High in excess of 58FPS.

Skyrim = High at 41 FPS, Medium in excess of 56FPS.

Borderlands2 = Ultra at 35FPS, High 54FPS.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 = High at 42FPS, Medium at 63+ FPS.

Yeah, a $800 PC would do better... but the above is more than playable and quite portable. (6lbs)