Buying a gaming laptop need help choosing


Mar 11, 2013
Hello I am buying a gaming laptop and I have 2 in mind. First off the games I'm going to play are Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn, BF4, and Blade and Souls when it comes out. I would like to play these games on max resolutions on high settings with 40 fps? or close to max resolutions but I would like to save money at the same time but here are the two laptops

I was wondering if there is a significant difference in terms of gaming you think between these 2 models

Thank you for your help in advance
There are no differences between the graphics on the two this article gives you an idea of the game play you can expect
The differences are really up to you and if you want to pay extra for the i7 CPU and 2GB more ram (the hybrid drive is sort of nice though) - it may prove to be helpful in some future games so it is something to consider


Aug 9, 2011
Your not going to be getting 40 fps in battlefield with either of those laptops on high with a 1080p screen. You will either need to increase your budget to a laptop with the best mobile graphics that are currently out or turn down settings to medium/low.