Buying a new laptop, HELP! First time buyer!


Nov 3, 2012
1. Location: USA

2. Budget: Between $250 and $390 (Will go maybe a little higher, I do realize thats not that much)

3. Size and portability: 14-15 inch and yes needs to be portable because I'm going to college soon.

4. Screen Res:

5. Battery Life: At least 3 hours, 5+ would be amazing

6. Gaming: I want to be able to play things like "FATE" but nothing like Skyrim

7. Space: Not sure but atleast 4 gb

8. What I'll be doing on it:
-Typing, lots and lots of typing
-Watching movies, like Netflix

9. How long do I need it to survive?: 4-5 Years minimum

I prefer Dell laptops, I hate macs. Thanks! :) I prefer Windows 7 over Windows 8