Buying a New Laptop. Suggestions?


Jun 22, 2017
I'm a college student. My budget is 1000$. Around 13 inch laptop, 1920 by 1080 is preferable resolution. I need it to be portable. I want as much battery life as possible, at least 4.5 hours though. I definitely want to game on this laptop. I play Csgo, H1Z1, Rainbow Seige Six, Gary's Mod, and I'd like to play these on at least medium settings. I'd also prefer to at least have the option to play games like Gta, Fallout, and Witcher (not on ultra settings obviously). I'm a student, so I'll need it for gaming, some productivity, and programming. I need at least 500 GB of storage, but I'd prefer 1 TB. No Optical Drive necessary, and I live in the US. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks for the help!