Question buying advice headphones


Jul 31, 2011
So I want a new headset (mainly) for PC windows 10.

I will mainly use it for gaming and network chatting (gaming chat, classroom discussions online etc), but also for music/movies.

I would like it to have:
  • 7.1ch if possible
  • good bass, and generally good sound quality
  • good mic
  • no sound leaked to those in the same room as me
  • both wireless and option for cable (preferably USB over 3.5, though both would be great), and 10+ hrs battery
  • possible to connect to Android/iOS as well as PC
I prefer not to spend too much money on it, though I could stretch it to $250-300 if it's really worth it.

I have trouble sorting through the websites finding which will be the best for my needs.

Any advice will be appreciated.