Can´t adjust screen brightness

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Nov 18, 2013
Hi everyone! I just updated to windows 10 and I can't seem to change the screen brightness, it seems to be always at max, and when I start bringing it down(light is always at max anyway), the screen is turned off at a certain point and I have to turn it up again. Anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks
Sounds like the problem is your brightness settings. Try the following, it should help...

1. Go into "Control Panel" and then "Power Options".

2. Click the "Change plan settings" link next to which ever plan you are currently using and then click "Change advance power settings".

3. In this new window click "Display" to open up the listings under it.

4. Now locate and click each of the following..."Display brightness", "Dimmed display brightness" and"Enable adaptive brightness".

5. Change each of these to the settings you wish, then click the "Apply" button and finally the "OK" button.

6. You should be good.


Jan 26, 2018
This might happen due to a driver malfunction. In my case, Windows was using a driver from TeamViewer Foundation (checked on Driver Details) in each of my 2 screens.

To solve it, I had to Uninstall (checking the option to delete the driver) twice for each screen (uninstall, uninstall, rescan, uninstall, uninstall, rescan). After that, Windows was back using it's own driver and the brightness adjustment was back.

Sometimes, when Windows install a major update, the TeamViewer driver comes back and I have to do all this again.

"The adaptive brightness feature taps into the ambient light sensors to automatically adjust your display to match surrounding lighting conditions. Thus, adaptive brightness is useful in conserving battery life since the display is a pretty power-hungry component." :D
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