Question Can’t connect to internet with WiFi or Ethernet

Oct 4, 2019
Recently updated my laptop and after the update I could no longer access the internet through WiFi( it said I was connected but no internet) and only go on IPV 4 sites with Ethernet. I’ve already tried so things and now I’m stuck
Gotcha. Then it may have been that the update installed a different driver, which may actually not work for your device. I would try reverting to the old drivers and see if that resolves the problem. If this does not do the trick, you may then want to use system restore to revert the system back to what it was prior to the update. If, of course, it will let you do so. Sometimes in Windows 10 (assuming that is what you are using) it won't allow for it.

See if either of those resolves the issue.

I would suggest other options, but the fact that you say both WiFi and Ethernet aren't working makes it a little different. Should none of the above help, it may just be a timing thing and then you are talking either replacing the part (manufacturer if under warranty, local tech or do it yourself) or getting an external WiFi (connects via USB port) and use that.
Oct 4, 2019
Well it says ipv 4 works and ipv 6 doesn’t but there’s hardly any sites I can go to. I can go to thing like YouTube and my email and stuff but that’s it
The driver shouldn't take long at all. However, if doing a restore, that depends on how much it needs to do. But it shouldn't take hours. Depending on the changes that need to be restored, 30 min? If it takes longer then I would wonder if there is more going on.
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