Question Can HDMI splitter enable volumn control from TV to speaker?

Oct 23, 2019

I posted related question before but doesn't get any response. However, I have tried my own solution but fail anyway and it's pretty stupid since I assume the RCA is output but its only input.

So come to my question by using HDMI splitter will work in my case or not since my soundbar has only SPDIF. optical and 3.5mm left now since 3.5mm out from TV quality is very bad I assume not enough V to push it. So if I use HDMI splitter to SPDIF, will it allow me to control the soundbar volume over TV volume?

Thank in advance.
You will not be able to control the soundbar volume with the TV remote unless it is connected via HDMI-ARC. That doesn't actually change the output level of the TV. It just allows the TV remote to adjust the soundbar volume over the HDMI cable. Any conversion to optical and there is no longer that wired connection.
If the 3.5mm output of the TV is a headphone out it's more likely to be to high. That would cause distortion. Start with the volume all the way down on the TV and fairly high up on the soundbar. Bring the TV volume up slowly.
If the range of volume isn't large enough and you get distortion but it still isn't loud enough then using a speaker to line level converter will drop the TV output level so it will work. Not sure you can find one with a 3.5mm stereo input but you could splice a cable onto the speaker wires that would normally be the input for the converter.
Oct 23, 2019
Thank you so much, look like I have to figure out how make enough power from 3.5mm. To confirm, the reason of distortion is because TV doesn’t provide enough power on headphone output to deliver loud enough sound to soundbar? Which mean lower volume on TV and higher on soundbar should be the best approach? I will try to adjust slowly first to find right setup.

For the converter, this is just to convert 3.5 to RCA? I’m just wondering by dropping level from TV why it will help? Same reason as above or nature of 3.5 vs Line? And is it possible to just use single cable with 3.5 and RCA on another side? Since it’s way cheaper compare with actual converter?

Anyway, thank you so much for you help.
Headphones require much more power than a line level output so the TV may be supplying TOO much power not too little.
If it is doing that then it can overload the input of the soundbar causing distortion regardless of the volume of the soundbar. That's why you start with the TV volume down and the soundbar volume up.
Try it without the converter first. You only need the converter if you can't get the setting on the soundbar so that you can use the TV remote to control the volume over the range you want it to work.
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