Can i use my old speakers with this system?


Jan 3, 2016
Good afternoon. I have reviewed the forums often but have not posted. I am looking at buying a used receiver from someone:
I have been currently using an HTIB for a number of years and want to utilize the same speakers. I have this system now
using the ebay link since it shows the connections.
Will i still be able to use the same speakers and the sub? Not sure with the sub connection?
I am going to give a contingency "yes".

However, to be sure what you need to do is to get the manuals for both speaker system and the used receiver. Probably online via the manufacturer's websites.

Diagram the wiring connections from the receiver to the subwoofer to the speakers etc. that will be needed. If you have one-to-one matches and everthing is accounted for you are probably okay.

Be sure to note the connectivity type: e.g., RCA, bare copper. Check the wiring gauges that are required/recommended.

If some connection does not or cannot match up then there may be a problem.

The contingency becomes the ability to solve a problem at that level.
If the connector under the antenna inputs on the HTS are where you connect the subwoofer to and the other speakers connect to the subwoofer then you can use the 5 small speakers by connecting them directly to the receiver. You might have to remove the connectors at the sub end and strip them to 2 bare wires each.
There is no simple way to use the subwoofer however since there is no direct input for it. Even if you hack it to find which connection is the sub out of the main unit the sub may not turn on without being connected to the main unit.