Can someone please help me with the madness of Acer's netbook selection?

Feb 9, 2019
So I have been looking for a new small and portable netbook and so far Acer's Spin 1 series has captured my attention and I am thinking about buying one. However, after looking at the available models here I am thoroughly confused. Basically I just want to buy the best one on the page regardless of the price but the selection seems to be mix and match with (from what I can tell) little logic.

The 33-P4VC (center bottom) seems to have the newest processors and graphics chip so I thought it might be the best... but it only has a max resolution of 1366 x 768 whereas the one right next to it (32N-P0QE) has full 1900 x 1080. That laptop however has older processor and graphics chip models but costs $50 more! I just don't get it. Am I misunderstanding something about the selection? Is one of the laptops on that page better than the others?

Also, any additional input or recommendations are much appreciated.
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Laptop hardware specs, model numbers and pricing don't always follow an easy path, think of it more like plane and hotel pricing. You can find an older laptop for $1,500 but a newer one with better specs for $1,300.

Here is the comparison of the models with the better CPU and 1080 screen, they are all the same from the specs, I would take the one with the highest model #