Question CANNOT get microphone to work when headphones are being used


Feb 18, 2013
I literally cannot, no matter what get my microphone to work while my headphones are on.
I use a USB DAC for my headphones, so they plug in with USB. I turn them on, it shows it as SPIDF in output devices, all is good.

However, when I plug my USB microphone in, it will NOT work whatsoever when the headphones are on. I set the input device to the microphone and the output to my SPIDF (headphones), yet either the microphone doesnt work or my headphones wont work.

It says the input is my microphone and my output is my headphones, why cant I get them to work together? This is driving me insane! Last time I am EVER buying a USB microphone....


Nothing wrong with a USB mic, I am using one along with a USB AMP/DAC as well, although not sure why your shows as SPDIF, is that what you are using on the DAC?

Your settings are off somewhere. What do you have showing in the Sound Control Panel for input and output?