Cannot install Windows 10 Blue Screen


Sep 24, 2016
Hello, this is a very odd situation that has me very confused. Will list everything in my machine for reference:

mobo: ASUS Z170-A (1151 socket)
cpu: intel i5-6600K running at 3.5
gpu: GTX 1060 evga aftermarket (6163KR is the model number i believe)
RAM: Had 2 sticks of GEIL evo potenza 8GB DDR4 and have tried every configuration of single stick and slots on the mobo(as of now just using one)
storage: using one ADATA 240GB SSD
PSU: 650 W 80+ gold (should be way more than enough)

I have recently built my first computer and got it up and running on my first go through. Had windows 10 installed which i did through a disk and everything was all good. As I was installing drivers I think I misinstalled one and got a bsod throwing ATTEMPTED_EXECUTE_OF_NO_EXECUTE_MEMORY. Rebooted and tried to fix it but got caught in a bsod loop where it was just restarting and crashing infinitely. Not to worry, wiped windows off of my SSD and reinstalled it from the disk I used initially.

Worked fine for another day or so until the same problem as before happened. I figured that it was again my mistake on misinstalling drivers(dont know if this is me being stupid, its my first build) and I attempted to re-re-install windows from the exact same disk. Only this time when I tell my BIOS to boot to the optical drive with the windows disk in it, it freezes at the windows icon or sometimes the ASUS logo that comes after POST and gives me a BSOD. Here is where I am currently stuck.

I can freely access the BIOS and have tinkered with about every single damn setting in there(fast boot, UEFI boot, AHCI vs IDE) but getting past the BIOS screen is impossible without getting instant BSODs. I ran memtest as a curious precaution with 4 different configs of my ram sticks all of which returned no errors.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

TLDR: Built my first new pc and got it working with windows 10. Few days later it gets in a crashing loop and I reinstall windows. Same thing happens after another few days and I try another windows install. Now cannot install windows off the same disk I used before without getting BSOD before it starts.

TLDR is TL: shits [watch your language] yo

Similar to this problem here which was unanswered: OLD THREAD

I cant boot into safe mode or access any dump files or ascertain why any one bluescreen happens. I have had a wide array of BSOD error messages, I will try to list every one I can remember:

IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL(might have been greater or equal or maybe both)
including a whole bunch of ones with no error messages at all


Sep 24, 2016
I created a USB windows 10 boot to see if somehow my DVD or optical drive was messed up but got the same crash at the windows logo. At this point I figure it has to be either some kind of obscure hardware issue or a problem with the BIOS itself but I dont know how either of those could have come about if the computer was operating well for about a week. Errors are predominately SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED now but they still go all over the place. I will continue to update on progress


Sep 24, 2016
Updates are still coming despite if anyone is reading these. I have been fiddling with BIOS settings for a while(flashed BIOS to most recent version this morning), disabling secure boot, CSM, DirectKey, still nothing.

At this point when I try to boot to either the disk or usb I have with windows(have both to make sure) i dont even get a blue screen anymore, just a crash to black. Not sure if this is progress or its getting worse. At this point im checking minor hardware faults. Reset and removed CMOS multiple times, All voltages seem fine to me( +12V = 12.096, +5 = 5.00V, +3.3V = 3.360). Every time i think I see a pattern in the crahes or error messages it changes.

Next im gonna try to strip down everythign other than the cpu and a stick of ram but I doubt thats gonna change anything. After that I dont really know what else to try, RMA seems logical but I dont even know which part to start with, Mobo? CPU?
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