Cant adjust BRIGHTNESS

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Sep 23, 2018
ASUS TUF just bought few days ago.. i been trying to adjust the brightness and i tried a lot of method online and i still cant adjust... anyone knows whats the problem?

1. all the drive already at the newest version
2. both keyboard and windows option cannot adjust brightness.
3. it looks like i cant control anything of he screen ... including night shift, resolution, contrast and also brightness
4. i tried every version of drivers update and its still stay the same...

Please and thank you
A few days ago... did you run any kind of update?

What I want to know is, was it working when it just came out of the box? then you did an update and it broke. If no update then return that sucker, 'cuz it should work perfect right out of the box. I hope you mean new from Asus, and not "new to you."
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