Change BIOS Settings


Aug 30, 2013
Hello everyone,

I am NEW here and would like some advice.

I have recently purchased ASUS X55C laptop with Windows 8 pre-installed on it (never used windows 8 before). I was trying to downgrade the operating system to Windows 7 Pro but have some how locked some of the BIOS options (i.e. boot order tab options are all greyed out).

The reason I want to downgrade to Windows 7 is because at work we use office 2003 and have been informed that Windows 8 is not compatible with office 2003 (we are also using server 2008).

Any advice will be greatly appreciated on how to get the full options back in BIOS?
(I have done restore back to factory settings but the options are still greyed out).

Thanking you all in advance.

Kind Regards,