Question change default source of tv

Jul 14, 2020
I have a Philips 19'monitor from 2007 which has a tuner, pc input hdmi, scart and av. When I start the monitor from power outlet it goes to channel 1 of the tuner. Now I have this monitor enclosed in a unit as I am using it as display for an arcade machine and it is a pain to change the source every time, even because the remote will not work because the monitor is behind a wooden frame. Is there a way that I can set the monitor to start by default on PC (VGA connection) which is the port that it is connected. I managed to get to the service menu but I do not think I can set from there. Can someone around help me please?
Since it has a tuner is seems to be a TV not a monitor. A monitor would go into standby so you could leave it powered With a TV it's expected for you to use the remote to turn it on and off not remove AC power every time. It's likely that there's no way to change the default input.
You could use an IR repeater/extender that would let you use the remote even if the IR receiver blocked by the cabinet.