Question cheap used tablet - which one


Nov 29, 2011
OK ... I know nothing about tablets .... heck at 59 I was just given an old smart phone for the first time last year.

That said, I want to listen to youtube outside when I am working.

I had a good idea ... was given an old iphone 6 that did not work ... well the cell part did not work but the wi-fi did

So I used it to connect to my router inside the house via wifi ... then I got a cord and went from the headphone jack to an old amplifier I had.

Worked great ... till a sudden thunder storm popped up.

While I was rushing to cover tools and wood, the phone got soaked and died.

So, this is just something to listen through while I am building a new workshop outside this year.

I don't want to spend a lot of money.

I could buy another phone but a iphone 6 is still about $100 ... and I am not using the phone part!

So I thought tablet.

Won't be able to talk to it ask for a show or song but at least it will be big enough I can type on it (hate typing on a phone ... never ever text).

I am assuming it will have some kind of internet browser ... and an app like I downloaded for the phone to do just youtube ????

OK ... started looking ... way toooooo many choices.

I looked at reviews ... they are all over .... some say old versions won't run certain apps.

For example, I see an ONN SURF Gen 2 for $40 ... great ... but then I read reviews .. some say "good" ... some say "junk"

Any suggestions on a "cheap" used tablet ... say under $50 ... that will do what I want?

Or maybe there is a better way to do what I am doing ... just like listening to shows on history and such while working.

Thanks ..... Mike
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One issue with Amazon Fire tablets, there is no YouTube app so it has to be accessed through the web browser and also without some hacking there is no Google Play store on it.
Lenovo makes tables about $100, cheaper used, and some Samsung models are in the 100 range, those may be better since they offer the full Android setup not tied to Amazon.