Choosing My First Gaming Laptop


Nov 1, 2012
(Just for the record, I'm not considering building a tower simply because I want portability, and figure that building my first gaming rig can come later.)

So I've been thinking of buying a gaming laptop for well over six months now and I'm just curious as to what companies are the best and have the most reliable builds. Once I have sufficient funds, I want to buy a gaming laptop within the $1000 range. I do have a few options in mind, but I'm not totally sure as to what may be the best, or if another option altogether would be better.

My first option is one I've been considering for awhile now: AVA Direct's Gaming Laptop Quick Ship Clevo W110ER Core™ i7 Ultraportable Gaming Notebook, 11.6" HD Glossy LED LCD, Intel® GMA HD / NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 650M 2GB Graphics, with additional Innovation Cooling for GPU & CPU, i7 3630QM Quad-core CPU, and Bigfoot Networks Killer Wireless Card. Without choosing an OS (as I have a copy of Windows 7 Professional), therefore coming to $1134.00. I thought I might also add that what got me particularly interested in this laptop was summary and review of both the laptop and GPU (nVidia 650M, though he played on a widescreen so I'm wondering if that affected FPS). The review seemed fair and informative enough, but I'm not going to hinge my decision on that and wondering what you guys think.

My second option is possibly Digital Storm's x15E, but I've heard that Digital Storm overprices their rigs, and at $1523 for its basest level, it's not hard to see why. The configuration seems good enough, as is the bigger screen, but the Clevo is much cheaper for a similar if not better build overall. It seems like it wouldn't be a terrible buy, but with the prices it sports, but I'm still wary about considering it.

Additionally, I was wondering if anyone here might be able to recommend some other companies that build custom gaming rigs, especially ones that offer gaming laptops for a reasonable price that are trustworthy and have a decent amount of integrity. Basically, something possibly better that figures into my budget range.

So, any thoughts?



Jun 29, 2011
For you X15E if you are liking that It can be toned down to a gtx 675m instead of a 3GB gtx 470. I am 90% sure the 675m would be the better card. It would drop the price to 1425. As far as 17" laptops go sager np9170 and msi gt70 202 are about the 1300-1400 range and are very good laptops. What kinds of games are you playing and what res? a gtx 675m is an awsome gaming gpu but laptop gpu's are not nearly as good as desktop ones.

At your budget you have the msi ge70 and the lenovo y580. a gtx 660 is a better card then the 650 but it can be lacking in other areas.