compaq v3000 problems with AMD X2


Mar 11, 2007
Just to share with you my thoughts and hopefully someone will give me some help on my new Compaq v3000au.
Here is the spec for my new laptop: Turion64 x2 TL-50 1.6ghz, 1Gb ram, 60gb HDD 5400rpm, Geforce 6150 integrated, DVD-multi, 6-cell battery, broadcom a/b/g

i have some problems with my laptop.If i play a game with this laptop such as
pro evo soccer 6 or even counter strike(that only need less graphic), my laptop will stuck for less than an hour.

If i watch some videos, it only can maintain about 2 hours..then it will stuck..

if i do works such as Microsoft Words with some WMP, the laptop will hang in about 5 hours.

The battery only lasts roughly 90 min or may be less, which is so disappoiting.

i have sent my laptop 3 times to the compaq service centre and they already change the motherboard 3 times! But the problems still there..

Help me with your opinion and solution!! :D


Feb 3, 2006
I think the CPU is bad.

This was a problem with AMD mobile CPUs a few months back.

I know of several TL-60's that just weren't up to spec's.

Try to replace the CPU.