Computer Has Trouble Booting After SSD Upgrade


Aug 30, 2016
I have an Asus AIO. I upgraded my hdd to a ssd. The cloning process of os went fine. I removed my hdd and installed my new ssd. When I went to turn on my pc it seemed to turn on. The back light lit the screen, the fan came on, then that was it. So I turned the computer off and installed the ssd into my laptop and it booted just fine. I put the ssd back in my desktop and again nothing. After turning my pc on and off manually a few times it finally booted. Thinking the problem had been fixed I restarted it through the windows 10 menu and again it won't boot. I tried to turning it off and on again several times but nothing. Frustrated, I left it on the black screen, fan still running, and left the room. When I came back about it was on. The SSD is the primary boot drive and it's the only one installed except for an external drive. I tried starting the computer with the external drive unplugged but it doesn't make a difference. When it's on it runs fine. It's getting it to boot that's the problem. It's got turned off and now I can't get it to turn on. If there is anyone out there that can help I would greatly appreciate it.
Check for a BIOS update for the system. Bit odd that it does work eventually, I'd say try a different cloning program but the fact that it works sometimes is a bit odd.