Computer is messed up, what should I do?


Dec 14, 2014
So, a while back, I was really into this game called wizard101.... I was a newb and all my friends were a really high level. Long story short, I tried to download a thing that would give me unlimited crowns(currency).... I should have known better, I know, but I got a virus. I'm pretty sure we got the virus off(not even for sure if it was a virus to be clear) but I get the BSOD every now and then. Not as often as I used to though. Almost not at all. The main thing, is that while on the computer, the screen just goes black for a few seconds, then will come back on right where it had left off. After doing this, it will say something along the lines of, "windows has encountered a problem, do you want to send details?" Then it restarts. I tried to fix this, but I did not succeed... I set the thing back to factory settings, tried about 5 malware removals, and nothing seems to work.... Could something be damaged??? How do I fix this??!


first, go to bleepingcomputer and download and run TFC (TempFileCleaner)

Then go to and download the free antimalware, run it, let it clean what it finds....

afterwards, back to bleepingcomputer, and download/run adwcleaner.....

See how your comp acts then....

if you are getting bluescreens, at this point you can't be sure if it is malware, corrupted OS, or corrupted software....

after the above are completed,

run your command prompt as admin, and try:

sfc \scannow

(note, there is a space between sfc and the backslash) If you can't make it through this process, a reformat/reinstall might be necessary.



Dec 31, 2007
It would be good if you could post the contents of the BSOD. They all have different root cause, and it may even be unrelated. There could have been a driver update from Windows around the same time that is causing the issue.