Question Connect a subwoofer to a legacy Pioneer

Jul 10, 2019

Can you please help me with this?

I have an old Pioneer XD-J115M. Yes i know its old but due to various reasons i would like to use that.

I connected it to a samsung TV ue40es6300 ( as i can see it has no audio outs) so i used scart to rca and connected to the 2 RCA's on the reciver ( VCR in )
Also tried on the phones port....jack to rca but the sound is worse that way. Is there a better way of connecting?

The receiver has 2 hi-low connectors that i used to connect 2 speakers that came with the system.

Now i would like to add a center speaker or an sub woofer ( active or passive). But i am out of ports where to connect them. The phono is useless i think but there are 2 rca's left with ( L and R next to each other) and a text "surround speakers (rear)" written under them.

Can i use that ports to connect a central speaker or at least a sub? Amp or not amplified? Or is there an other solution to add them?

Also ca i used a bluetooth adapter on the phones out on the front side to sent music from my phone?

Thanks in advance.
The way you connected the receiver if the only way to do that.
No way to connect a center channel to that unit since it doesn't support that.
You can connect a self powered sub woofer by connecting one that has speaker level inputs in parallel with the main speakers. If the sub only has line level inputs you would also need a speaker to line level converter. A passive sub would not work. Not enough power to drive it and no way to adjust the level to match the main speakers.
If you want to send music from your phone to the Pioneer you need to connect a bluetooth receiver to an input, on the back, not the headphone output. The phone input would work if you bought a phone to line level adapter but if the two RCA jacks you mention are another input then use that.
Another way is to add an external input selector to expand the number of inputs.
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