Solved! Connecting a subwoofer to Samsung HW-MS660/650 Soundbar

Sep 20, 2019
Hello, I´m thinking about buying a subwoofer to use with my Samsung HW-MS660 soundbar. The official Samsung subwoofer for the bar, the SWA-W700, is a bit too pricey for me (500€), so I'd like to buy some other powered sub. The soundbar has a sub out port, but it is a USB C port, while most subs input port is for RCA cable.

So what I am asking is how can I connect a sub with RCA in port to the soundbar USB C sub out port? And if that is not possible, could someone recommend a sub compatible with my soundbar?

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You can't.
The USB-C port on the soundbar is for a wireless transmitter dongle that comes with the subwoofer. It's not a wired subwoofer output.
There is no reason to think that you can mate other brand wireless subs to the soundbar even if you can get the transmitter dongle.