Connecting an old Home Theater system to an EVOBOX for audio and video and to a TV.


Nov 26, 2016
So I want to connect my old 5.1 home theater system to my HD TV. All the speakers play fine when using the radio from the DVD player but, when i try to get audio from my EVOBOX it doesn't work. The EVOBOX only has a HDMI and a Optical inputs, where as the home theater system has a SCART port and a bunch or RCA connectors. My TV has all three connectors listed above but only 2 single RCA ports which need a cable that splits it off to 3 RCA ports. Please help!

P.S. I should mention that the EVOBOX works like a Sky or Virgin box but the signal is carried all the way from Poland.

TV: Samsung - UE46F8000ST
Home Theater: Panasonic - SA-HT870


Nov 26, 2016

So i would get an optical cable, connect the TV and the HTS via the adapter and the EVOBOX to the TV via HDMI?
Also, how would I set the TV to PCM?
I am also reading that the Adapter doesn't support 5.1 which is what i got.
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