Question Connecting DVR to tv and cable box

Nov 19, 2020
I have an Insignia tv and a Toshiba DVR. Recently we switched from satellite to cable. I am having great difficulty in hooking up my DVR to tv and cable box. When the tech was here to install the cable, I told him what I would like for him to do, but he said I would need an adapter. I asked which adapter and he responded, "when I get the adapter he would come and install it". On the back of the cable box, I have the following: co-axle input, red and white ports (no yellow port) labeled analog, a digital (but it's covered over--like you can't use it), a cord already in use for video/audio (hooked to tv), a network and a USB. I have been researching the internet so much, and the only things that I can come up with is an RF Modulator, an HDMI Modulator, and HDMI spiltter. I don't even know if what I had mentioned, are they what I need? I really would love to be able to get my player/recorder hooked up. When it was hooked up to the satellite, it has been a life saver with all this pandemic stuff. Any help that you can tell me would be greatly appreciated. (If pic is needed on cable box, please advise)


Sep 7, 2012
Cable companies are in the business of packaging DVR services with your cable service to make $$$. Your mistake maybe was not tipping the tech to make sure he would come back. The piece of relevant information is what "the chord" is that runs from your cable box to the TV. IF it is coax, then if your DVR has a coax input and pass-through, then you put the DVR in line between the cable box and the TV. Pictures aren't necessary if you can describe with more precision, but otherwise yeah, gonna need to see it.

Anything analogue, you can find usually find simple adapter for by matching up the plugs (although quality matters in terms of what you get for a signal). Anything digital (i.e., HDMI) will be a headache, as they specifically design that system to not let you record anything. This is one of the reasons cable company DVR's are the dominant way to record - because the cable companies get rights to let you record digital cable (and you pay them for those rights).
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