Question Connecting LG 42LB73 to Bluetooth Headphones

Oct 29, 2019
Hi! I would like an advice about my Smart Tv - LG 42LB73 and its cappability to connect to bluetooth headphones. I read countless topics about LG-s and BT Headphones and its quite confusing, to be honest. So LG have their own wireless connection (LG Sound Sync) and most likely i need BT Transmitter to connect to any headsets. Which transmitters would you recomend for this model TV and also which would allow multiple headsets . Dont wanna give 50-80 $ for nothing. Which lead to next question - would all BT Headphones be compatible with any transmitter. Or may be some recomendations, please. Way too many questions, but i just wanna watch films on my TV and dont bother anyone and it turned out to be so complicated :rolleyes::D
Oct 29, 2019
Yes, I've done this on the LG website, basicly they show me that i need their own headphones :oops: TV is updated, so u mean if i look for Bluetooth headphones directly i need 3.0 version? I just dont have headphones yet, because i saw i could waste my money. May be bluetooth transmitter is safest choise , but i guess must be sure about the Bluetooth version matching the headset?
Did you have a look if your TV has the sound sync option at all and would be selectable?
You won´t need headphones to just see, if the option is there. I´m not sure for now if your TV even has bluetooth.

Bluetooth is usually backward compatible, but I don´t know if the 3.0 version will work with more than one headphone simultaneously, even if it would pair to a headphone of your choice.

A bluetooth transmitter should work for sure

If you don´t want to get LG headphones, you can get others and try if these would work with your TV. if these won´t work, get an additional transmitter.
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